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I am Lori of Alabama, and I am burdened with glorious procrastination.

I'm 23 and just kind of living life.

I tend to just reblog whatever I feel like so I don't have much a theme to anything. I'll randomly post pictures, or how I feel as well. I make gifs and pictures sometimes. Though I'm not all that great, but you can check them out in the "my edits" up there. I reblog a loooot of Sherlock, Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Avengers. There are some other things I reblog too, but those are the big ones.

I also love to roleplay. MorMor, Johnlock, Doctor Who, Avengers, Sheriarty, Ummm pretty much anything Sherlock really. I'm on omegle like all the time, if you want to rp you can add loriarty to your omegle tags, or just message me on here for my email address. I have no prompts, but if you have one just send it to me.


so i was taking a bath

a bubble bath to be specific

i used half a bar of lush’s comforter (however you fucking spell it) and this happened


crazy right? i think my mom’s tub is made of magic powers or something

so i had a nice bath, watched some cry plays on my ipad

and i drained my tub

i came down to my room, two floors down in the basement

and i am greeted with this



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don’t let tumblr tell you you can’t take someone’s appearance into account when deciding whether you think you would like them or want to be friends with them 

if some white dude is wearing a snapback that says “i <3 haters” and a “u mad bro” wife beater you have every fucking right to decide based on that that you don’t wanna be friends with him and don’t let this dumbass site make you believe otherwise goddamn

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Eyes! http://instagram.com/p/soyZPrPACN/


Eyes! http://instagram.com/p/soyZPrPACN/

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This has been @hankgreen’s face made out of felt. #hankgreen #nerdfighter

That’s the thing about Hank’s face… it demands to be felt. 

No!  This didn’t happen!  That was not said!




This has been @hankgreen’s face made out of felt. #hankgreen #nerdfighter

That’s the thing about Hank’s face… it demands to be felt. 

No! This didn’t happen! That was not said!

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Imagine finding a dragon egg one day, and it hatches in your house and thinks you’re its mom. Then the next morning you wake up and find this mini dragon has gathered all the lose change and shiny objects in your house in a pile, and is gnawing on a nickel. And then when you take it out for walks, it picks up every coin it sees cause its a hoarder. And your house is eventually full of coins. And you are rich. And have a dragon.


also can we stop pretending skinny shaming is on the same level as fat shaming? im against shaming people’s bodies no matter what and i think doing so is disgusting but thin bodies are still far more accepted and catered to and it’s important to acknowledge that

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It’s not punk to antagonize minimum wage workers.

Like writing shit on bathroom stalls, making messes in grocery and big box stores, trashing hotel rooms, yelling at actual workers about how horrible their capitalist employers are. Stop doing this shit. You are making life harder for those you claim to identify with and want to help.

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"Jennifer Lawrence does not exist to fulfill my masturbatory fantasies. Jennifer Lawrence is not a thing to be passed around like a joint at a party. Jennifer Lawrence is a human fucking being. And she’s not my property, and she’s not your property, and we all need to back the fuck off."

Jennifer Lawrence is not a thing to be passed around (Playboy.com)

Alright everybody, even fucking Playboy has officially condemned leaking nude pictures. Just let that sink in. (Also: four for you Playboy. You go Playboy.)

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I really love villains

not in a ‘poor baby is so misunderstood’ way

in a ‘your amorality is so fascinating and delicious’ way